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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Amanda LeMay's "Kiss of the Winter Moon" Blog Tour

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Kiss of the Winter Moon
(Sakana Series, Bk #1)
by Amanda LeMay

I had a life plan: Get out of San Francisco. Go home. Start my new job.

I wanted to get on with my life. Howl at the moon. Let my wolf side run wild and free.

But when I stopped in Comfort, Texas, to spend a quiet 2-week vacation with family, all of my best-laid plans came to a screeching halt.

I didn’t plan for Dain Louvel. Okay, so maybe I’d secretly hoped to see him, again, but I didn’t expect all those feelings I’d felt for him before to come rushing back and blindside me. I'd moved on. Or so I thought.

The problem is, I didn’t plan on the sakana bond, that rare and precious bond between mates, to connect our minds, bodies, and souls.

I also hadn't planned on fighting for my life.

But, yeah, stuff happens in Comfort, Texas. I really should've planned better.

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And then, he was there. In the kitchen. Like the most vivid dream I’d ever had.


“How am I supposed to study with this smell invading…”

Deep, husky, and sexy as hell, the sound of his voice sent little electric shocks through my brain and all the corresponding parts of my body that made me a female of the species. I couldn’t do anything but stare while his huge, shirtless chest expanded on a deep breath.

His head turned slowly my way until his cherry-wood eyes locked on mine.

“Jessy…” It came out as a whisper.

There I sat with a milk moustache and a mouth full of meatloaf sandwich.

I couldn’t have spoken even if I hadn’t had a mouthful of food. I looked him up and down, took in every glorious inch of him, and because I couldn’t help myself, I did it again.

Oh. Sweet. Heavens.

His mouth curved into a smile. Deep dimples appeared on his cheeks.

I think I smiled back.

I might have blacked out a little, too.

“Hey.” He cleared his throat like he wanted to say something else and I was so hoping he would because I had lost the ability to speak. “Jess.”

Say “hey”. Say something—say anything—just open your mouth, dammit!

A deep pink blush crept up his neck and covered his gorgeous face. In the next second, he had a plate in his hand and disappeared from the kitchen. The last I saw of him was a thick, long, shiny, black ponytail that seemed to split his wide shoulders in two as it hung down past the waistband of his low-riding, completely ass-hugging, faded jeans.

My dad chuckled. “We didn’t tell him. Thought it would be a nice surprise.”

I opened my mouth to reply. Nothing came out.

I stared at the empty doorway. At the food between my trembling hands. A shuddering breath went through me. The gooseflesh that sprang up made my skin tighten and tingle. I tingled pretty good in a few hidden places, too. Dain’s presence in the room for those few brief seconds made my twitchy, jelly-like, overused muscles tense up while my insides seemed to go all hot and melty.

The sound of my name on his lips echoed through my brain on a crazy endless loop.

And it was perfect.

Copyright © 2018Amanda LeMay

His lips touched my forehead for a long second as his other hand cupped my face. His thumb stroked against my cheek as he gazed into my eyes. Sweet, minty breath puffed into my mouth from his. I tilted my head just so and closed the distance between us. He gasped as our lips met, but he didn’t pull away.

The kiss lasted only a second or two, but seemed to suddenly change the axis of the earth and in my soul I knew: I would never kiss another male as long as Dain lived.

Sitting back, I went back to staring at the big screen on the wall, not hearing a thing that was said, or caring who lived or died. The rush of blood through my heart pounded wildly in my ears and beat like a pulse in my lips. What I had always considered a crazy unsatisfied lust, smoldering hot as coals, burst into something uncontrollable that swept like a wildfire through my body. Yes, I lusted after Dain, but that feeling wasn’t what had my hands shaking and my insides quivering—no—the emotion I had trampled down since the second I saw him, the second I caught his scent, was so much more than just simple lust.

The feeling that had me all fluttery and on fire was the sakana bond. And it was damn scary.

Copyright © 2018 Amanda LeMay

I quickly glanced around my immediate surroundings and found the pipes my arms were strapped to had once been an old breeding stall, off to the side of a ramshackle barn. They would have been buried deep and anchored with concrete. Leather straps lined with lamb’s wool were buckled tightly around both of my wrists and I was sure the same thing had my legs spread and secured. If Bobby wanted to hurt me, it wasn’t through these cuffs. I looked down; three bales of hay stacked one on top of the other held me up off the ground. Damn. Even with my extra wolf strength, there was no way I’d ever pull the pipes from the ground.

I was definitely trapped.

The barn reeked of blood and death and decay. Humans had bled in this place. How many, there was no way of knowing, but there were multiple scents, not only of blood, but of rotting flesh buried under layers of earth. The stench of the horrific acts of a sick mind permeated the soil beneath me and I was sure if I’d swept away the litter of loose hay, I’d find the ground darkly stained. The sickening, sweet odor of dried blood seemed to hang in the air—soaking into my skin, twisting my insides, until the urge to vomit was so strong it took all my willpower keep it down.

I will not die here. Not like this. Not tied up like an animal.

Copyright © 2018Amanda LeMay

Holding my breath, I peered out into the darkness through the partially open barn door. Dain’s massive head appeared in the opening, black as the darkest night. His huge, wolf frame filled the doorway, leaving no escape. The bluish-white lantern light glinted in his cherry-wood eyes. His long, white fangs flashed with lethal intent from beneath his curled lips and a deep, feral growl rumbled in his chest with each breath he drew. With his head down, he stalked into the barn, his glossy black fur standing on end as he prowled back and forth studying his prey, Bobby and GW.

In all my life, I had never seen a more vicious-looking wolf, a wolf so intent on mutilating and killing his prey not for food, but for the pure, primal need to protect what was his.

He was dangerous and deadly, dark and destructive like a beautiful storm.

I was never happier to see him.

Copyright © 2018Amanda LeMay

His mouth was on mine, cutting off my words with his lips and tongue and I melted into his arms. I pushed aside all the irrational emotions that had no place in my heart. I let go and concentrated on the sensation of Dain’s warm, strong body, the scent of his skin pressed to my nose, the soft prickling of his whiskers, and the taste of his mouth.

His lips moved across my cheek to my neck, up to my ear where he whispered, “I’m hungry, sakana,” again, before pulling the T-shirt up over my head.

He cupped my breasts in his big hands and then his mouth was on me, licking and teasing. He suckled first one, then the other as his fingers caressed every inch of my skin. Running my hands through his silky hair, I pressed his head closer as I moaned, encouraging him with my body to take more, suck deeper, bite harder. I watched as his warm, wet mouth and sharp teeth tasted my flesh. Each lick of his tongue and little nip of his teeth shot pulses of fire straight between my legs, setting off a lightning bolt of pleasure that spiked through my every nerve-ending.

“Sweet heavens…” I gripped his shoulders and gasped as I swayed on my toes.

He lifted me and laid me out on the bed. His lips brushed mine lightly, gently, as our tongues did a slow dance together. He stood, gazing down at me. I parted my legs to welcome him in and when his eyes locked on to what lay between my thighs, a dark, aching desire swept through my body—my desire or his, I wasn’t sure, and it didn’t matter because we were both about to spontaneously combust. I caught his wrist, and when he turned back to glance at me, a restless, ravenous wolf burned in his eyes.

His next words came out on a low, rumbling growl. “Want to eat you up, Jess.”

Gooseflesh broke out over my entire body as I followed the sweet, lingering slide of his tongue over long canines that hungered to take what was his, to feast on his mate.

And for once, the two voices in my head were in absolute agreement.

Yessss….feast on me. But…

My heart raced in anticipation as I inhaled a shuddering breath. “I’m hungry, too.”

Where only a few days before, a rosy blush would have colored his cheeks at the mere idea of what I suggested, now his dark eyes smoldered as his mouth curved into a wicked grin, displaying his deep, playful dimples.

His mouth took possession of me as mine took possession of him, and as lips and teeth and tongues caressed and bit and licked, we surrendered to taste and touch and scent, as time seemed to stand still while the full moon stayed steady on her path across the starry sky. What started out gentle and tender and easy became passionate and urgent and demanding.

Kissing. Touching. Licking. Devouring.

Copyright © 2018Amanda LeMay

About The Author

New indie author, Amanda LeMay writes paranormal romance full of dark, sexy wolf shifters who share a special bond with their mates: the sakana bond. When Amanda is not writing, (or thinking about writing, or characters, or dialogue, or world building), she is working on any number of crafts, but most likely, lost inside a wonderful world built by one of her favorite authors.

Amanda lives with her husband and two grumpy old cats in Southern California. She plots most of her novels while walking, or driving, or while on long Texas beach vacations sitting outside listening to the waves. Her first novel, Kiss of the Winter Moon, is set to release on February 20, 2018. 

Connect with Amanda at