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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Guest Post for Talk Supe: Joining & Running a Virtual Blog Tours: Not All Tour Co's are Created Equal

Hi Everyone!!

Early this month Braine from Talk Supe Gushed & Griped about the pros and cons of joining a book tour (becoming a host). I was totally excited and honored when she asked me to be a Guest Writer and give the perspective from a book tour company! I said "Of course and THANK YOU!"

The thing is, while I'm the owner of Enchantress of Books Blog Tours, I'm still a book reviewer and as I started as a reviewer, I still host for a few other blog tours as well as independent tours (organized by the publisher, publicist or authors themselves). So, I totally understand the frustration some bloggers have with tour companies. This is why I strive not to frustrate my hosts :). I try to provide everything in advance and make it as easy for the hosts as possible. However, I am human and sometimes things happen and some are out of my control (gasp, I know!!).

To my tour hosts THANK YOU!!!!!!! You guys are AWESOME!!! Lots of exciting and new things coming in 2014!!!!

In the guest post, I provide a few tips for both Authors who are looking into hiring a touring company to promote and market your book(s) and for bloggers!! Please visit Talk Supe to read these tips and I will be hanging out with them so please tell us what you think!!