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Monday, November 18, 2013

Cynthia Eden's "A Vampire's Christmas Carol (Novella)" Blog Tour

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A Vampire's Christmas Carol (Novella)
Cynthia Eden


This holiday season has bite.

Ben Prescott hates Christmas—he’s a vampire, and to him, there’s certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. While the humans are running around being merry, he’s hunting in the shadows. Ben plans to spend the holidays his way…by stalking deadly prey.

But fate has other plans for Ben.

Three visitors are coming Ben’s way…A demon who will force Ben to face his past, a ghost who will show Ben the present he could have, and a shifter who will reveal the darkness that waits in Ben’s future. Unless Ben can change his ways, he may just turn into a real monster, one who can’t be saved by anyone or anything.

‘Tis the season…to be undead.

Ben’s redemption rests in the hands of the one woman he loved and lost—Simone Laurent. If Ben is going to have a chance at being more than just the beast in the darkness, he has to prove himself to the lovely Simone. A very hard task, considering that, once upon a Christmas Eve, Simone died in Ben’s arms…

This book features one very tortured vampire, a sexy ghost from his past, and hot scenes designed to melt the winter snow. Plenty of action, adult situations, and steamy times are ahead. Happy holidays! 

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Lust clawed through him. The need, the red-hot desire, seemed to burn Ben from the inside.  He grabbed Simone, yanked her flush against him. His mouth locked on hers. He’d always tried to be so careful with her in the past. Played the gentleman because she mattered.
He wasn't a gentleman any longer. Ben wasn't even sure what he was. He just knew he needed Simone naked, and he had to be in her.
He carried her back to his bedroom. He ignored the glittering New York skyline. She was the only thing he could see. Desire pounded through him. His cock was so swollen that he hurt and—
His teeth were extending. Stretching in his mouth.
Ben dropped Simone on the bed and stepped back, horrified.
“Ben?”  Simone sat up on the bed and pushed back the blonde hair that had tumbled forward. “What’s wrong?”
            She was so gorgeous and sexy staring up at him.  Looking at him with those wide, dark eyes.

I’m going to hurt her. He grabbed for the control that he’d always held so easily in the past. Only that control was broken. Shattered. “You need to leave.”

About the Author

USA Today Best-selling author Cynthia Eden has written over twenty-five novels and novellas. She was named as a 2013 RITA® finalist for her paranormal romance, ANGEL IN CHAINS, and, in 2011, Cynthia Eden was a RITA finalist for her romantic suspense, DEADLY FEAR.
Cynthia is a southern girl who loves horror movies, chocolate, and happy endings.  She has always wanted to write (don’t most authors say that?), and particularly enjoys creating stories about monsters–vampires, werewolves, and even the real-life monsters that populate her romantic suspense stories.

Cynthia’s foreign sales for her books include translations to Japan, Germany, Thailand, Greece, and Brazil.
(Back in the day…) Cynthia graduated summa cum laude from the University of South Alabama where she studied Sociology (because people interest her) and Communication (because she likes to write about said people).  Cynthia has worked as a college admissions counselor, a teacher, and as an editor. But now, Cynthia is thrilled to be spending her days making up stories.



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  1. No, I haven't read the book yet but I most definitely will. I love paranormal romances and with Christmas fast approaching, I'm in the mood to read some Christmas stories. So A Vampire's Christmas Carol is perfect. :)
    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  2. I haven't had a chance to read "A Vampire's Christmas Carol" can't wait and will be picking up a copy

  3. No, I haven't read it. I would love to! It sounds so unique. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  4. I have read it as yet, but I will definitely be reading it before the year is ended.

  5. I plan to read very soon :)
    I love books from Cynthia Eden,it's one of my favorite authors :)
    Have no doubt that this will be amazing read! :)

  6. I haven't yet but anything Cynthia Eden writes I pretty much read :)

  7. I haven't read it yet. But I do have it. I'll be reading it soon.

  8. Haven't read it yet. But I will..

  9. No, I haven't got to read it yet, but it is on my kindle. Thanks for sharing it and the giveaway. Wishing you a wonderful and magical holiday season! evamillien at gmail dot com

  10. I haven't gotten or read it because I'm on a fixed income ad have no money, but I would love to read it because it sounds like a great read.

  11. I haven't read it but it's going on my wish list. it contains two of my favourite things- vampires and Christmas!

  12. I have not had the pleasure to read it yet but I plan to

  13. I read it this weekend and it is great! Cynthia keeps all the classic Dickens in place with adding a touch of the paranormal :).

  14. No, I haven't read it yet, but I hope to soon; I love Cynthia Eden's books :)

  15. haven't read it yet but am planing to soon :)

  16. I have not read it yet. I just bought it so it's on my tbr list!!

  17. I just downloaded it from my pre-order & I can't wait to read it!

  18. I read it as soon as it came out. I hope to see more of the other characters in later books. ;)

  19. I haven't got the chance to read the book yet. I hope soon! The book's cover is smoking h-o-t though :)!

  20. I haven't read it, but I definitely want to.

  21. I havent read it yet but I plan to. I have read some of her other books and loved them.

  22. I haven't read it yet but it looks really good. I'll have to get it soon.

  23. Yes, I have read it! My review is up here, today: http://www.firstpagetothelast.com/2013/11/a-vampires-christmas-carol-by-cynthia.html

  24. I haven't read it yet but I am adding it to my to read list now GREAT

  25. I haven't read it. I wait until after Thanksgiving to read new Christmas-themed stories. I do like the twist on Dickens, though!

  26. Not yet, but I'm picking it up on friday! :D

  27. I haven't read it yet, but I really want too!!!

  28. I read A VAMPIRE'S CHRISTMAS CAROL and loved it!! Loved how Cynthia took the key parts of Charles Dickens A CHRISTMAS CAROL and then put her spin on things. If you bought this book, grab it! You will not be disappointed!

  29. I read the book and absolutely loved it! I was balling towards the end! Such a beautiful story!!

    Elizabeth Haney

  30. I have not read it but I really want too!
    Tammy Dalley